Whitetail deer numbers appear mostly stable in northwest Montana despite tough winter October 5, 2017

Montana Deer Population,Management News and Information Archive

... worried they might see a repeat of the disastrous winters of 1996 and 1997 when populations plummeted from record highs... Good amounts of moisture in the summer and fall provided for ample forage for the deer going into the winter months ..,

Deer, elk rebounding in many areas following tough 2011 October 17, 2017 Montana, Independent Record
... mule deer numbers are steady across southwest Montana... White-tailed deer numbers continue to look solid across the region... Mule deer from the Rocky Mountain Front to east and south of Great Falls are at management objective or even above in a few spots... in the prairies and foothills of south-central Montana than in the mountains. Overall numbers are nearly the same or slightly better ..,

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