Wolf payout bill draws ethics challenge January 31, 2019 Montana

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Wolf payout bill draws ethics challenge January 31, 2019 Montana, Fairfield Sun Times
... Montana has between 600 and 900 wolves ... The state wolf management plan allows for very liberal hunting and trapping mostly without quotas as long as the population stays above a minimum 150 wolves...

Wolf Expansion Could Be Curtailed  March 18, 2018 Montana, dtnpf.com
... When legal wolf harvests began in Montana and Idaho in 2009, wildlife advocates and some scientists argued their numbers would plummet. Hunters and trappers have since killed almost 4,400 wolves in the two states ... About 1,500 more were killed by government wildlife agents and property owners following attacks on livestock and similar conflicts.  But wolves are such prolific breeders that after each hunting season, their numbers bounced back the next spring...

Wolves and elk: 'It's complicated' April 25, 2019 Montana, Daily Inter Lake
... “Long-term fire suppression and management for late seral and old growth forests in the region have resulted in dense trees crowding out the understory,” ...  “Elk are frequently moving to private lands to find the habitat they need ... about 850 wolves statewide..,

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