Mule deer, whitetail populations strong in northeastern Montana May 20, 2020

Montana Deer Population,Management News and Information Archive

... ground counts for mule deer were collected by area biologists to estimate over-winter survival... The post-season survey showed 61 fawns per 100 adults, which is above the average of 55 fawns per 100 adults... Winter mortality was likely minimal across the region ..,

Mild winter leaves deer and elk in good shape August 30, 2020 Montana, Independent Record
... pretty darn stable with what we were seeing last year ... Butte Area:  a mild winter ... a few more elk and deer out on the landscape...Helena Area:  Deer populations were of concern following a couple of hard winters before the mild winter of 2019-2020... I wouldn’t expect the deer to rebound so much ... Townsend Area:  a pretty mild winter ..,

2020 SE MT big game hunting forecast September 8, 2020 Mongana, EIN News
... Southeast Montana experienced another summer with good rainfall, but conditions are rapidly drying out ... “Abundant precipitation last year made for good forage conditions and deer going into winter in good body condition,” ... “Mule deer are ... about 15 percent above last year and 33 percent above long-term average.” ... Whitetails counts were overall 11 percent above last year ..,

Helena Independent Record
... “Hunting regulations didn’t change much between the 2019 and 2020 seasons, and last year was a mild winter,” Thompson said. “Given that, we hoped to see a harvest that tracked with last season, and we did with a few localized exceptions that we’ll follow up on with other survey work.”..,

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