Lewis and Clark in Eastern Montana

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In eastern Montana, Lewis wrote, “The whole face of the country was covered with herds of buffalo, elk & antelopes; deer are also abundant, but keep themselves more concealed in the woodland. The buffalo, elk and antelope are so gentle that we pass near them while feeding, without appearing to excite any alarm among them, and when we attract their attention, they frequently approach us more nearly to discover what we are, and in some instances pursue us a considerable distance apparently with that view”  Source: Moulton GE . ed. 1986–1996. The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Lewis M, Clark W, Vols. 2–10. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.  From vol. 4, p. 67. 

Andrea S. Laliberte  William J. Ripple  BioScience, Volume 53, Issue 10, 1 October 2003, Pages 994–1003,

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