EHD Takes Toll On Eastern Montana White-Tailed Deer October 21, 2011 Montana

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EHD Takes Toll On Eastern Montana White-Tailed Deer October 21, 2011 Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Reports from several eastern Montana locations indicate a disease caused by tiny, biting insects continues to take its toll on resident white-tailed deer populations.... Deaths from EHD—epizootic hemorrhagic disease ...The disease is seasonal, occurring mostly in late summer or early fall but this year’s event, prolonged by the lack freezing temperatures, has extended into late October....The disease is characterized by extensive hemorrhaging, fever, and a resultant urge to be near or even immersed in temperature-controlling fresh water. It’s been responsible for significant die-offs in the northern United States and southern Canada. The problem usually subsides with the first hard frost of autumn, which kills the offending insects.

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