Mountain lions calling Pine Ridge home again March 28, 2018 Nebraska

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Mountain lions calling Pine Ridge home again March 28, 2018 Nebraska, Bloomer Advance
... One of the last reliable reports of mountain lion in Nebraska occurred in 1903 near Crawford ... The first confirmed report of a cougar in modern times came in 1991, when tracks and a deer kill were discovered in Dawes County and a female was killed in Sioux County..,

... in 1991, tracks and a deer kill discovered in Dawes County and a female cat killed in Sioux County became the first confirmed reports of mountain lions in modern times... surveys through 2015 indicating an estimated Pine Ridge population of 22 to 33 lions. That number nearly doubled after the 2017 count, to 59, about one-third kittens...

Pine Ridge researchers gain knowledge about the cougar October 29, 2019 Nebraska, Norfolk Daily News
... Along with so many other species, cougars disappeared from Nebraska with Euro-American settlement. Not only did early settlers slay predators at every opportunity, more importantly they killed the predators’ prey. The decimation of deer and other prey species in the late 1800s and early 1900s surely made Nebraska a less desirable place for mountain lions to live...

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