I-80 Safety Crossing Begins Construction in Northeast Nevada June 19, 2012 Nevada

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I-80 Safety Crossing Begins Construction in Northeast Nevada June 19, 2012 Nevada Department of Transportation
... Each arch spans 65 feet across the roadway and reaches nearly 23 feet above the road. With the close interaction of the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), the wildlife overpass walkways will be covered with earth and native vegetation to replicate the natural environment and encourage crossing by deer and other animals. Deer fencing will be installed on both sides of the crossing to help direct animals to cross at the overpass ... In a recent five-year span, there were ... approximately 1300 involving deer [collisions] ... NDOT has worked with NDOW to also install five safety crossings on U.S. 93 north of Wells. Research conducted by Nova Simpson and Dr. Kelley Stewart of the University of Nevada, Reno shows that, during the first three migrations in which the safety crossings were installed, more than 12,000 mule deer were kept off the road and away from potential collisions with vehicles. 

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