New Hampshire 2018 Deer Harvest and History by County

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Deer Season Harvest: Comparison by County

The unofficial deer kill for New Hampshire's 2018 season is listed below with comparisons to final kill totals for the previous eight years. The 2018 numbers are estimates based on the number of deer reported as being registered (not necessarily killed) in each county and may not represent complete data from all registration stations. Data for the previous years are final kill figures for each county and hence the estimated registration distribution for 2018 may not be directly comparable to the previous year’s final kill totals. This is particularly evident in the south-central portion of the state where many deer killed in surrounding counties are registered in Hillsborough County.


The estimated 2018 statewide harvest of 14,057 is an increase of 14% from the 2017 final kill of 12,309 and is 26% above the 20-year average of 11,150. Based on this estimate, the 2018 total represents the highest kill in the last nine years and is the second highest kill in the state's history, going back to 1922.


A summary of the actual kill by Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) compared to previous years will be sent out as soon as registration information is received and data entry is complete. Data entry, verification, and preliminary analysis should be complete by early January 2019 when a final summary of this year's hunt will be available.


Historical Data


Annual New Hampshire Deer Kill by County 2008 - 2017

*2018 gives estimated number of deer registered in each county, not actual kill as in 2010-2017.


For detailed official harvest information for the most recent year available, including data by town, see the NH Wildlife Harvest Summary

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