Seneca, How did the white deer herd at the former Seneca Army Depot get started and why has it lasted? June 6, 2014 New York

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... The depot, which was hurriedly built back in 1941 as World War II loomed, was fenced in for security reasons. And within that 24 miles of fenced in land were several dozen, regular brown-colored white-tailed deer and numerous other wildlife...  1949, when the depot's commander, Col. Franklin Kemble, was first alerted of their presence and gave orders not to shoot them...

Are the white deer at the former Seneca Army Depot doomed? June 6, 2014 New York, Syracuse Post-Standard 
...  the property will likely be "sliced and diced" as new zoning being currently discussed by the towns of Varick and Romulus ... There are no intentions, though, to maintain the fence, and no plans for the unique all-white, white-tailed deer that number roughly 200. It's the largest herd of its kind in the world ...For more on the white deer herd at the depot, see ..

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