Seneca, Saving The Seneca White Deer, Ecotourism December 13, 2015

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Saving The Seneca White Deer, Ecotourism December 13, 2015 WGRZ TV 
... One needs only to travel a few hours south to see how an ecoutourism destination can have a major impact on the local economy."  The Elk situation down in Elk County Pennsylvania ... people have come by the tens of thousands there to photograph the deer nearly every month of the year, and cottage industries have sprung up down there, you have B & B's, you have wineries ...
     Let's Preserve our precious white deerDecember 13, 2015 New York, Finger Lakes Times 
... The protection of the depot could brand Seneca County as the home of the world’s largest herd of white, whitetail deer. No place else on our planet can make that claim. This is a niche that is unique. Tourism of the depot could be an economic engine ... To learn more about the depot and its white deer, visit

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