Chronic Wasting Disease November 28, 2016 New York

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Chronic Wasting Disease November 28, 2016 New York, Louisiana Sportsman
... CWD became established in one area of New York after a taxidermist disposed of infected tissue from a trophy head brought from out of state... The infective agent in this disease is a mutated protein known as a prion. In simple terms, CWD kills by attacking the brain of its victim, slowly eating away brain tissue....

Remain vigilant of diseases like CWD November 21, 2018 New York, Poughkeepsie Journal
... the 2005 discovery of CWD in Oneida County. Lack of due diligence on the part of a wildlife rehabilitator/taxidermist in upstate Oneida County ended up exposing whitetails to the disease. He had handled a deer from the west or midwest. By the time the danger was over, seven deer were found with CWD in the area of his facility..,

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