Notable Numbers from the 2015 Deer Harvest April 22, 2016 New York

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Notable Numbers from the 2015 Deer Harvest

Last week DEC announced the 2015 Deer Harvest Estimates. A full report of the harvest is available at Deer and Bear Harvests.  

Notable Numbers from the 2015 Deer Harvest

  • 52,581 --- estimated number of bucks taken in 2015 that were 2.5 years old or older. Only 47% of bucks taken statewide were yearlings (52% in units without antler restrictions). Bucks don’t get older if they get shot when they’re young. Consider passing up shots on young, small-antlered bucks.
  • 67% --- proportion of eligible junior hunters that participated in the 2015 Youth Deer Hunt. Junior Hunter Mentoring Program.
  • 15.9 and 0.6 --- number of deer taken per square mile in the units with the highest (WMU 8N) and lowest (WMUs 5C and 5F) harvest density.
  • ±2% --- precision of the New York state deer harvest estimate.
  • 56% --- proportion of successful deer hunters that ignored their responsibility to report their harvest as required by law. 
  • 13,936 --- number of hunter harvested deer checked by DEC staff in 2015.
  • 37 to 1 --- ratio of deer taken by hunters to deer taken on damage permits in 2015. 
  • 30% --- proportion of the Southern Zone deer take that occurred during the opening weekend of the regular firearms season.
  • 33,508 --- number of deer tested in New York for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the past 10 years, including 2,447 deer tested in 2015-16. DEC has not detected any additional cases of CWD in New York since the disease was found in 5 captive deer and 2 wild deer in 2005. Learn How You Can Help Protect NY’s Deer from CWD
  • 87.7% --- proportion of DMPs (doe tags) that went unfilled in 2015, slightly more than the 85.1% that were unfilled in 2014.

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