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Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

New York Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

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Plant Recommendations for Deer-Infested Gardens, Cornell Cooperative Extension
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[PDF] Reducing Deer Damage to Home Gardens and Landscape Plantings Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University

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Perennials: feverfew, forget-me-not, garlic chives, gas plant, globe thistle, goatsbeard, goldenrod, hay-scented fern, heath, heather, hellebore, Hungarian speedwell, interrupted fern, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Jacob’s ladder, Japanese pachysandra, Joe-pye weed, knapweed, kirengeshoma, labrador violet, lamb’s ear, lavender, lily-of-the-valley, lupine, lungwort, Mexican bush sage, mint, mullein, New York fern, oregano, ornamental onion, ostrich fern, oriental poppy, painted daisy, partridgeberry, pennyroyal, perennial blue flax, plumbago, primrose, purple coneflower, queen-of-the-prairie, rhubarb, ribbon grass, rosemary, royal fern, sage, scilla, sensitive fern, shasta daisy, soapwort, spike gayfeather, statice, sundrops, sweet cicely, sweet William, sweet woodruff, tiger lily, toadflax, turtlehead, tussock bellflower, wormwood, yarrow and yucca

Vine: Japanese wisteria

Shrubs: barberry, common barberry, common boxwood, Russian olive, forsythia, drooping leucothoe, English hawthorn, redvein enkianthus, Japanese pieris, Chinese holly. mountain laurel, beautybush, mugo pine, common lilac, redosier dogwood.
Trees: American bittersweet, American holly, Austrian pine, Chinese juniper, Colorado blue spruce, common sassafras, corckscrew willow, European beech, European white birch, flowering dogwood, honeylocust, inkberry, Japanese flowering cherry, kousa dogwood, paper birch , honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos), inkberry (Ilex glabra), Norway spruce, pitch pine, red pine, Scots pine, white spruce

For desperate gardeners, new idea to keep deer out of your garden October 4, 2016 New York,
...  a deer grate, and he designed and built it himself. It’s modeled after a cattle guard, which is used to keep cows and other livestock from getting into roadways.  Dunn’s deer grate is basically metal tubes set into a recessed area of the concrete driveway. The tubes are spaced just a little farther apart than the length of a deer’s hoof....

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