Batavia, City council to deer: Drop dead July 11, 2017 New York

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Batavia, City council to deer: Drop deadJuly 11, 2017 New York, The Daily News Online
... A Deer Management Task Force spent a year of research ... “We all were for the idea of going forward to get rid of the deer, but we couldn’t, in good conscience, take the information we had and recommend to the city council to do that,”  ... “And that’s not what our analysis showed us we should do ...
     Deer Management Task Force settles for non-lethal recommendations July 10, 2017 New York, The Daily News Online
...  it was determined by the task force that the City should not take a lethal approach to managing the deer population, but rather manage deer-related impacts,” the final report states... citing the city’s density and inadequate hunting environment in most areas...

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