Cayuga Heights plan a brutal way to deal with deer control June 7, 2011 New York Urban

Cayuga Heights plan a brutal way to deal with deer control June 7, 2011 New York  Urban  Ithaca Journal

Net-and-bolt killing is to occur annually, sparing only these sterilized does, because other deer move in to replace the dead. Cayuga Heights resident Ann Druyan, writer/producer of science media, asked several independent experts on wildlife management, ecology, biodiversity and Lyme disease to evaluate the trustees' plan. They characterized the village's environmental review as "deeply flawed" and "misleading," and they noted that the plan lacks any basis in Cayuga Heights-specific data. They identified invalid scientific arguments, for example, that killing deer would reduce the risk of Lyme disease in Cayuga Heights, or that deer are responsible for diminishing biodiversity in an environment so heavily shaped by human activity.

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