DEC official defends 4-poster, for reduction of Lyme July 4, 2012 New York

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DEC official defends 4-poster, for reduction of Lyme July 4, 2012 New York, Shelter Island Reporter 
“Physician-diagnosed erythema migrans (EM) rash cases were used as a surrogate for incident Lyme disease cases” in the study, ... which was titled, “Evaluation of deer-Targeted Interventions on Lyme Disease Incidence in Connecticut” and published in 2011 by scientists from the Yale School of Public Health’s Connecticut Emerging Infections Program.... “Our findings suggest that the 4-poster device was effective in decreasing the incidence of EM rash in an endemic area,” the authors wrote in a report summary. “Despite a decrease in EM rash incidence, however, we did not find a statistically significant effect of the deer hunt on EM rash incidence 

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