East Hampton, Deer sterilization program in East Hampton set to begin Friday December 31, 2014 New York

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Deer sterilization program in East Hampton set to begin Friday December 31, 2014 New York, Newsday
... White Buffalo Inc. intends to station a team of 10 biologists, veterinarians and other staff in the village for about three weeks in an experimental program aimed at reducing the deer population without resorting to gunfire...  about $1,000 per deer... the 5-square-mile East Hampton Village is larger and more populated with deer than any area the organization has worked...

East Hampton Village To Begin Deer Sterilization Program January 1, 2015 New York, CBS New York 
... Last year, both the town and village of East Hampton and other municipalities opted out of a plan that called for trained sharpshooters to kill deer across eastern Long Island ... within a 10 to 20 minute surgery, veterinarians will remove their ovaries and they’ll be put back out into the local population.” ...

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