East Hampton, Don't Miss: 'No Cull' Demonstration Against Deer Sharpshooter Program Saturday January 17, 2014 New York

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East Hampton, Don't Miss: 'No Cull' Demonstration Against Deer Sharpshooter Program SaturdayJanuary 17, 2014 New York, Patch.com 
... An East Hampton group opposing the sharpshooter deer cull program will take to the streets Saturday in protest of the plan.... "Public officials have talked about a 'deer emergency' and 'epidemic,' but the available data suggest that the East Hampton deer population may well be declining,"  ... The goal is to eliminate 2,000 to 3,000 deer in one of the largest government deer removals ever undertaken...

East Hampton, Hunters and animal rights activists protest planned deer cull January 18, 2014 New York, Newsday 
... Hunters and animal rights activists stood side by side in East Hampton Saturday, protesting a plan to kill as many as 3,000 deer on the East End of Long Island ... "For the first time you're able to see animal activists and hunters get together on something that they both believe in," said Michael Tessitore of East Quogue, founder of Hunters for Deer ...

East Hampton, Protesters Gather In East Hampton Village To Oppose Deer Culling January 19, 2014 New York, 27east.com 
...  “The USDA should be called the Wildlife Extermination Service,” ... Ms. Chamberlain broke the news that the animal advocates from Long Island Orchestrating For Nature (LION), the Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island, and the East Hampton Group for Wildlife have hired an environmental firm from upstate, Young/Sommer LLC, to represent them in their lawsuit against any and all municipalities that sign on to the Farm Bureau’s cull program. ...

Protesters took to East Hampton Village on Saturday afternoon to voice their opposition to an deer cull planned by several municipalities, with the help of the Long Island Farm Bureau. - January 18, 2014

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