Hastings-on-Hudson, Deer contraception plans under way in Hastings-on-Hudson March 18, 2013 New York

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Hastings-on-Hudson, Deer contraception plans under way in Hastings-on-Hudson March 18, 2013 New York, Newsday 
...  birth control for deer. But in Hastings-on-Hudson, it’s the hot topic on the agenda for Tuesday night’s regular board of trustees meeting.
Tufts University veterinary expert Allen Rutberg will be making a presentation that details his upcoming plan to dart deer with a contraceptive that can keep the animals from getting pregnant ...

Hastings Trustees To Hear Report On Deer Birth Control March 18, 2013 New York, The Daily Voice
 A report on deer contraception will be presented by Dr. Allen T. Rutberg of Tufts University  ...  a vaccine called PZP, short for porcine zona pellucida, a pig protein that poses no risk to people  ... The deer is shot via dart gun to tranquilize it before the vaccine can be injected. ...

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