Long Island, 2014 East End Deer Damage Management Report August 2014 New York

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Long Island, 2014 East End Deer Damage Management Report  August 2014 New York, Prepared by: United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Service
... White-tailed deer are a vector of several prevalent and serious tick borne diseases on the East End of Long Island, including Lyme disease ... [White-tail deer are not a vector for Lyme disease - research support. They are immune to Lyme and do not transmit the disease.] ...  To assist East End communities with managing the damage caused by white-tailed deer, Wildlife Services acquired access to more than two dozen properties on the East End to conduct a white-tailed deer damage management demonstration project. In all, WS removed 192 individual deer [at a cost of about $225,000 - over $1,000 per deer]

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