Shelter Island: Deer and Tick Study Delayed, but reduced ticks February 25, 2011 New York Disease

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Deer & Tick: Deployment of 4-posters soon 'unlikely' (study to test effectiveness of tick control for deer)  February 24, 2011  New York  Shelter Island Reporter  By Ted Hills | February 23, 2011 in Government, News The Department of Environmental Conservation is unlikely to approve 4-poster deerfeeding stations for use in reducing ticks in time for the town to deploy them by mid-March, Cornell scientist Dr. ...

Testing showed tick numbers were “very, very low last year,” Dr. Gilrein said, “so you can coast on that for at least a short time.”

The town has budgeted $68,000 for the program this year, but Dr. Gilrein explained that it would cost upwards of $120,000 to deploy and maintain about 20 units from mid-March through mid-December, the period that the units were deployed in the past two years. The cost of a shorter deployment would be less.

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