Shelter Island, Wein plan would concentrate on culling deer herd May 6, 2015 New York,

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Shelter Island, Wein plan would concentrate on culling deer herd May 6, 2015 New York, Shelter Island Reporter 
... Mr. Wein ran into opposition when he said that between the permethrin on 4-posters and people spraying their yards, there could be thousands of gallons of the tickicide “seeping into our aquifer.”  The National Pesticide Information Center refutes that, maintaining that when permethrin  enters  an  aquatic  system, “some  is  degraded  by sunlight, but the majority binds tightly to sediment and is broken down without infecting the water.  “The  average half-life  range  for  permethrin  in  the  water  column  is  about  19 to 27 hours,” ...

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