Southland, Long Island, Residents Plea for Deer Solutions at Sharpshooter Meeting January 17, 2014 New York

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Southland, Long Island, Residents Plea for Deer Solutions at Sharpshooter Meeting January 17, 2014 New York,
... the proposed sharpshooter program to cull the deer herd ... fireworks between members of the group Hunters for Deer, LLC, founded by Mike Tessitore. ... "You want to take our deer, but we won't let you ... You might as well pack up your stuff and go." ... Other hunters asked why the USDA program had to happen immediately; Tessitore said accidents related to deer are actually down statewide... [comment from audience]:  once the major media outlets publicized the "epidemic proportions of Lyme disease" in Southold, property values would plummet. [deer density generally not related to Lyme disease]

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