Staten Island, $2M deer vasectomy plan leaps forward June 7, 2016 New York

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Staten Island, $2M deer vasectomy plan leaps forward June 7, 2016 New York,
... If the city's plan works, all male deer roaming the borough would be sterilized starting with a $2 million effort during this fall's rutting season. Hundreds of bucks would be tranquilized, captured, given vasectomies and released back onto Staten Island parkland over the course of the three-year study... city's chosen contractor, a wildlife conservation nonprofit called White Buffalo Inc...

New York Deer Vasectomies - June 13, 2016

Staten Island is so overrun with deer, city officials have green-lit giving the males vasectomies. It's estimated as many as 1,000 deer are roaming Staten Island. The animals are causing frequent car accidents and destroying plant life. Officials this week approved a $2 million emergency purchase for contracting services to sterilize the bucks. When the vasectomies start, each are expected to take about 15 minutes. According to WTTG, the measure is expected to reduce the deer population by 10-30 percent. - June 9, 2016

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