Syracuse, Deer task force did its job; now act on its humane recommendations November 1, 2015 New York

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Syracuse, Deer task force did its job; now act on its humane recommendationsNovember 1, 2015 New York, Syracuse Post-Standard 
... a number of things in the media which have contributed to misinformation ...  misinformation involves a figure of $5,000 per doe for surgical sterilization. That amount is way out of line of any actual cost estimates ... Onondaga County Legislature Chairman Ryan McMahon would still have a push poll up on his website, containing not only the $5,000 per doe figure (which he was informed weeks ago was incorrect) but also a bias for lethal and against sterilization so obvious that it should be seen as a way to influence public opinion, not as a genuine survey for input from county residents...

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