Teatown, Use fences, not bullets, to rid Teatown land of deer January 13, 2014 New York

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Teatown, Use fences, not bullets, to rid Teatown land of deer January 13, 2014 New York, lohud.com
... Qualified wildlife experts agree that rifle fire “culls” do not reduce the deer population because of a “rebound effect.”  The deer population increases after a slaughter because the cull results in more food being available to the surviving deer. As a result, the females become more fertile, giving birth to twins and triplets... Dr. Larry Mellichamp, Ph.D., a professor of botany and the director of the Botanical Gardens at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, has signed a sworn affidavit that since anti-deer fencing was installed he had not seen a single deer inside the gardens...

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