Cherokee, White-tailed deer, a plentiful nuisance elsewhere, find welcome on Cherokee tribal lands January 24, 2014 North Carolina

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...  deer were a key part of Cherokee life and lore for centuries before the first European settlers arrived. The animals were plentiful across tribal territory that extended over what now are eight Southeastern states. They were the Cherokees’ chief food source... Deer counts are estimated at no more than 12 per square mile on the Qualla Boundary today ... Deer hunting is outlawed on tribal lands ... 

N.C. tribe creates deer sanctuaryJanuary 26, 2014 North Carolina, Delaware Wave 
... Over the next three years, between 25 and 50 white-tailed deer — mostly females in small family groups — will be relocated from Morrow Mountain State Park to the reservation, known as the Qualla Boundary.  The Cherokees will place the animals in a special habitat improved for browsing and off-limits to hunting. The program will begin this month, with biologists using darts to tranquilize the animals ...

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