Coyote predation on fawns may demand direct attack April 17, 2015 North Carlina

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Coyote predation on fawns may demand direct attack April 17, 2015 North Carlina, Penn Live
...  after spending a lot of time and money removing a lot of coyotes, did not measure a significant increase in fawn recruitment. Thus follows the advice: If fawn recruitment is falling, reducing doe harvest is easier, cheaper and possibly more effective than spring trapping."

If you find the remains of a dead fawn in the woods this summer, could you determine what kind of predator killed it? At the 2012 Southeast Deer Study Group meeting, QDMA talked to Colter Chitwood, a Ph.D. candidate at North Carolina State University. Colter is studying the effects of coyote and bobcat predation on fawn survival rates at Fort Bragg Military Installation. During his research, Colter has become skilled at reading the signs and determining whether a fawn was killed by predators or merely scavenged after dying of other causes. If predators killed the fawn, Colter can usually determine what kind of predator is guilty based on evidence at the scene.

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