Eastern coyote adapts easily to our area November 15, 2015 North Carolina,

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Eastern coyote adapts easily to our area November 15, 2015 North Carolina, News & Observer
... For thousands of years, North Carolina was wolf pack country... Wolves were introduced into Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in 1987, but they have not spread much... Deer typically make up one- to two-thirds of the diet of eastern coyotes... the eastern coyote ... has a dash of wolf and domestic dog genes ...

N.C.'s newest predator makes itself at home in Alamance County November 20, 2015 North Carolina, Times-News
... A study of coyotes in areas near Fort Bragg showed that the canines hunt and live in an average 33-square-miles annually. They’ll travel hundreds of miles to find new territory. The study, released earlier this year by NCSU professors, also showed that coyotes are major predators of deer. Half of all fawns born in that area were killed by coyotes....

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