Killing of 9 penned deer in NC draws outrage October 10, 2011 North Carolina

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Killing of 9 penned deer in NC draws outrage October 10, 2011 North Carolina, Washington Examiner
More than 5000 people from the United States and at least 25 other countries have signed an online petition protesting the killing of nine penned deer by North Carolina officials who said they had to shoot thedeer to test them for, Matthew Altamura, said the search warrant didn't authorize the deer to be killed and didn't mention chronic wasting disease..."It's a violation of due process that they were able to destroy the animals without having an order of the court,"

Man's Tame Deer Shot by Officials October 11, 2011 North Carolina,
On a private farm in Randolph County nine tame deer were shot and killed by North Carolina wildlife agents. No warning was given. One of the deer living on Wayne Kinley's property was recovering from injury, and the other was an abandoned fawn. ... has posted a petition to prevent further violence against deer in the state by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission. About 5,000 people have signed it so far.

Wildlife Officials' Deer Killings "Unconstitutional," Lawyer Says October 6, 2011 North Carolina My Fox 8
A lawyer representing a couple whose nine deer were shot and killed by wildlife officials two weeks ago said the search warrants did not give officials the authority to kill the animals. The deer were shot to death Sept. 20 on an unlicensed rehabilitation farm of Wayne and Linda Kinley near Asheboro. Wildlife officials said the deer were killed to be tested for Chronic Wasting Disease, which has not been found in North Carolina...."Not only was the killing clearly inhumane. It was unconstitutional," said Altamura, who has fought the state on other cases of possible misbehavior.

Deer Shooting Petitions Ordered Taken Down, Store Clerk Says September 28, 2011 North Carolina, My Fox 8
A clerk at a Randolph County grocery store said uniformed officials demanded petitions critical of the state's fatal shooting of nine deer last week to be taken down..."They didn't identity themselves at all. They just said, 'This is illegal. Get it off your counter,'" said Jo Henderson, who made the petitions that were put up in the store...."All across the state of North Carolina, people own pet deer and have them. I believe they should be able to get a permit. You cannot turn a tame deer into the wild," Henderson said.

Petition, Don't Address Deer Killings
October 13, 2011 North Carolina, My Fox 8
State wildlife commissioners were handed a petition Thursday by a group of people upset with the killing of nine deer in Randolph County. However, commissioners adjourned the public meeting without answering any questions on the case. ..."I know you've heard of the deer slaughtering. This is a public meeting. We should've been allowed to speak. Shame on all of you," one attendee said ... That petition now has more than 7,000 signatures from people all over the has posted the petition to prevent further violence against deer 

9 deer killed by North Carolina wildlife staffers test negative for chronic wasting disease October 20, 2011, The Republic
Wildlife officials say tissue samples from nine deer killed by North Carolina wildlife officers on a farm in Randolph County have tested negative for chronic wasting disease. Seven fallow deer and two white-tailed deer were killed ...N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Executive Director Gordon Myers has said Kindley didn't have a license to keep captive deer.

North Carolina Community Rallies for Slain Deer, Tests Confirm No Diseases
October 25, 2011 
... seven of the nine killed deer were fallow deer, a species not susceptible to CWD....So why is it the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission's policy to storm a farm and slaughter tame deer, some of which were in rehabilitation? ... That's just what more than 20,000 people around the world want to know as they push to change the way game wardens operate within the state.... Jo Henderson, who had raised one of the fawns killed on the farm, is currently collecting signatures in town, while thousands more sign the petition on, demanding an investigation into the killings and protections for tame deer.

Charges Dropped Against Randolph Co. Man for Holding Deer in Captivity November 17, 2011 North Carolina, My Fox 8
... District Attorney Garland Yates has dismissed the misdemeanor charge against Clifton Wayne Kindley for holding deer in captivity without a permit. Nine deer shot were shot and killed at Wayne Kindley's rehabilitation farm ... Yates said the law is clear stating holding deer in captivity without a permit is illegal...  the question of the disposition of deer held in captivity without a permit needs to be clarified ... Last month, protesters lined the sidewalks outside the Randolph County Courthouse ...

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