Carrboro passes on urban deer hunt October 14, 20 Ohio10

Carrboro passes on urban deer hunt  October 14, 2010  The Carrboro Citizen  North Carolina 

The board received a follow-up report on how to control the town's deerpopulation. On April 20, residents urged the board to consider ways to reduce the population because of the destruction of plants, concerns about the spread of tick-borne illnesses and increased risks to motorists.

“It would be very difficult to establish a perimeter and keep people safe,” she said. The chief also noted that last year only 83 deer were taken during urban archery hunts statewide.

“I have to wonder how big an impact that has on the deer population.”Two other options – capture and relocation, and sterilization – are not approved under state law.

The board approved a public-information plan to educate residents about deer-management methods and asked for the study of a potential ordinance to outlaw feeding deer in the town.

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