Duke Forest, Our illogical war on deer February 9, 2013 North Carolina

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Duke Forest, Our illogical war on deer February 9, 2013 North Carolina, The Durham News, Karin Yates
...  I recently witnessed a buck lying down in a yard in Chapel Hill with an arrow protruding form his left hind quarter... It is important for us to understand that deer do not “carry” or “spread” Lyme disease. In fact, deer provide a buffer between the host (white-footed mouse) and humans by “collecting” the ticks on themselves.  According to John Rohm of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, “Reducing deer density by X will not = X percentage reduction in Lyme disease cases. ... Deer should not be blamed for the current Lyme disease situation. Integrated pest management would be more effective than focusing solely on deer.”

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