Emarld Isle, Town looks to control deer population November 27, 2011 North Carolina

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[Emarld Isle] Town looks to control deer populationNovember 27, 2011 North Carolina, Jacksonville Daily News

... an estimated 174 deer [in Fall 2011]... Fall 2005 estimate was 65 to 91 deer and no action was taken at that time ... By 2009, the population had grown to an estimated 149 deer and the town considered various options for reducing the population. It considered non-lethal approaches such as contraceptives, sterilization and tranquilization/relocation of the deer but was advised by the WRC biologist that the approaches are not effective, can be costly and can still result in harm or death of the animal, according to town information.... A Fall 2010 estimate put the deer count at 102 to 108 and no action ... 

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