Iredell residents question killing of tame deer April 30, 2012 North Carolina

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Iredell residents question killing of tame deer April 30, 2012 North Carolina, Mooresville Tribune 
... “Whoever hit her didn’t stop ... Rideout took the baby deer into his barn, cleaned it and called the N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission ... “They said, ‘Leave him where he’s at. Let nature take its course,’” Rideout said ‘He’ll die.’ ... [years and a few deer later] officers of the NCWRC showed up at Rideout’s farm with a search and seizure warrant, tranquilized his deer and then killed the animals.... Rideout was charged with “possession of wildlife without a permit” ... I owe it to my deer to do what I think is right and I’ll see if 12 North Carolina people sit on a jury and tell me what I did was wrong.” ... . A website,, was started as a forum for people to share their frustration about the NCWRC ... 

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