Lejeune, Sharpshooters may target Lejeune deer October 1, 2011 North Carolina

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Sharpshooters may target Lejeune deer October 1, 2011 North Carolina, Marine Corps Times

... base officials are considering the use of sharpshooters from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to end the problem. ... Lejeune has documented 120 deer-vehicle collisions since 2009, and officials estimate the hungry animals have destroyed 500 acres of landscaped vegetation in the base’s urban areas....Deer make people sick, too. In 2009, Lejeune medical personnel treated 24 cases of Lyme disease and 11 cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, both illnesses caused by deer [deer are immune to Lyme, deer density is not correlated to Lyme, see research page] that also carry ticks and other parasites.

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