Researchers fit deer with radio-collars February 3, 2013 North Dakota

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Researchers fit deer with radio-collars February 3, 2013 North Dakota, Grand Forks Herald
...  four of the five cage-like “Clover traps” — named after a biologist by the name of M.R. Clover — baited with a mix of alfalfa, molasses and a cup or two of corn had deer in them.  Problem was, they weren’t the right deer. The research crew working along an area of the Red River east of Grafton was trying to catch adult female whitetails and fit them with radio-collars as part of an ongoing study of deer movement and mortality in northeast North Dakota...

Trapping and tracking: researches fit deer with radio-collars February 3, 2013 North Dakota
... The goal of the project ... is to learn more about deer movement patterns, survival and reproduction in a region largely dominated by agriculture. The Wing-Tuttle study, by comparison, was in a part of the state where grasslands comprised nearly 70 percent of the habitat.  “The movement part of (the project) is because the state is concerned about bovine tuberculosis in Minnesota and just wants to get a handle on the movements of these deer,” [ Jonathan Jenks, a professor at SDSU and project adviser]

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