2007 Peak Population. Another year of choices for deer hunters, decline of deer population May 29, 2014 North Dakota

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Another year of choices for deer hunters, decline of deer population May 29, 2014 North Dakota, Bismarck Tribune
... The watershed year for deer and deer hunters was 2007 ... The strategy to reduce the number of deer was an aggressive approach to harvest more does.  Then the perfect storm hit. Three consecutive brutal winters knocked fawn production back significantly as deer struggled to survive the harsh conditions...  it may take years — if ever — before the deer herd numbers see a significant increase...

Deer population in better shape November 14, 2018 North Dakota, Jamestown Sun
... "While we hope to see changes in habitat and conservation programs to help influence and increase deer and other wildlife populations, it's very unlikely we'll see deer numbers like we did in the early to mid-2000s," ..,

... the North Dakota deer population is essentially at a 30-year low ... it takes more than one mild winter and one year of reduced doe licenses to rebuild the population...  because of loss of habitat that has taken place over the last five years, the next peak population, whenever that occurs, will likely be significantly lower than the last peak, which occurred around 2006-2007.

A new reality for deer hunters? Lower Deer Numbers November 21, 2013 Bismarck Tribune 
... White-tailed deer numbers, maybe more so than mule deer, mirror the availability, or lack of, habitat. ...  From 1960-62, there were more than a quarter of a million acres enrolled in the Soil Bank program and white-tailed deer followed suit.  Hunters took about 25,000 .. CRP enrollment peaked in 2007 with more than 3 million acres enrolled and since has declined to 1.7 million acres.  The rate for white-tails also dropped to around 45,000 last year.

Habitat a key factor in maintaining wildlife December 17, 2013 North Dakota, In-Forum
...  the “good old days” of deer and pheasant hunting that reached their peak only a half dozen years or so ago...  the statewide pheasant harvest fall by more than a third, and deer harvest is down by more than half... since 2007, it’s no coincidence that pheasant and deer numbers are declining because of cutbacks in CRP [conservation reserve program] acres...

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