Poaching wildlife May 2, 2016 Ohio

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Poaching wildlife May 2, 2016 Ohio, highlandcountypress.com
...  affirmed the court of appeals’ judgment that the law permits ODNR to file a civil action to recover the restitution value even though it had seized the deer’s meat and antlers as evidence during the criminal investigation and was awarded possession of that evidence as a result of a conviction...

Two Ohio Deer Poachers Convicted May 3, 2016 Ohio, Ohio Valley Outdoors
... two large bucks illegally killed by the duo. A 17-point buck killed by Petrella gross-scored 166 4/8 inches and cost Petrella $7,687 in restitution. A 22-point buck killed by Smith gross-scored 194 2/8 inches and cost Smith $15,079 in restitution...

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