The History of the White-Tailed Deer in Ohio

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The History of the White-Tailed Deer in Ohio by David Heithaus was originally published in the BFEC Newsletter, Vol. 18/No. 4, Fall 2014. 

... [the deer population] peaked in 2006 around 800,000 ... With the exception of a brief hiatus due to extirpation in the very early 1900s (Europeans just missed their 100 years to kill everything in the state), white-tailed deer have existed in Ohio since the end of the last ice age...Deer were reintroduced from neighboring states beginning in the 1920s. These efforts, together with natural migration, saw herds in 28 counties by 1937 and in all 88 counties by 1956. The first modern regulated hunting season took place in 1943. 164 bucks were killed...

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