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Sign of the season, Whitetail deer information May 22, 2011 Ohio

Sign of the season  May 22, 2011  Ohio  Management  The-News-Leader
It's springtime and that means area residents who live near wooded areas are beginning to see young deer hiding in and around their homes. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, unregulated hunting led to the virtual elimination of white tailed deer in the state between 1904 and 1923. 

After the fall mating season, fawns are born in the spring. The department says fawn does in good habitat may breed their first autumn, giving birth to a single offspring. Adult does will have twins and occasionally triplets.

Does may return to the same place each year to give birth. When born, male fawns weigh between 4 and 14 pounds, and females 3-8 pounds. Fawns are born with their eyes open and they are able to walk within an hour
or two. Fawns will nurse two or three times a day for the first few days after birth and then return to thick cover after each meal. At about one month the fawns begin to accompany their mother when she goes to eat. The family group of mother and fawns will stay together until the following spring.

While female white tail deer will remain close to their mothers their entire life, buck fawns, in most cases, will leave their birth area in the spring and travel great distances to set up new home ranges. Bucks that don’t leave in the
spring will be forced to do so in the fall, both by their mother and other related females.

Source: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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