Assessment of coyote‐wolf‐dog admixture using ancestry‐informative diagnostic

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Assessment of coyote‐wolf‐dog admixture using ancestry‐informative diagnostic SNPs J Monzón, R Kays, DE Dykhuizen - Molecular Ecology, 2013
.. Hybridization between coyotes and wolves may have introduced adaptive alleles into the coyote gene pool that facilitated an expansion in their geographic range and dietary niche. Furthermore, hybridization between coyotes and domestic dogs may facilitate adaptation to human-dominated environments. We genotyped 63 ancestry-informative single nucleotide polymorphisms in 427 canids in order to examine the prevalence, spatial distribution, and ecology of admixture in eastern coyotes...Ohio coyotes, previously thought to be free of admixture, are also highly admixed with wolves and dogs. Coyotes in areas of high deer density are genetically more wolf-like, suggesting that natural selection for wolf-like traits may result in local adaptation at a fine geographic scale...

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