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Amberley, A (Lone) Wolf in the Village: Deer Management June 29, 2012 Ohio

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Amberley, A (Lone) Wolf in the Village: Deer Management June 29, 2012 Ohio,
... According to [Cincinnati] Park representatives Dave Gamstetter and Jim Godby, in their opinion, the optimal number of deer to ensure a sustainable ecosystem is 15-20 deer per square mile. When asked specifically about French Park, they estimated that the park could sustain six deer before exhibiting signs of deer defoliation or a "browse line." ... [comment from blogger]: Statistically, deer mortality rates when deer are moved are higher than 50% [no research support for this general number and higher than recent studies, see research page. The most recent 2008 study from Texas shows an 80 percent survival rate for some deer transferred into an unfenced area, comparable to survival rates of deer not relocated]

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