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Avon Lake, Deer ordinance receives mixed response in Avon Lake November 16, 2012 Ohio

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Avon Lake, Deer ordinance receives mixed response in Avon LakeNovember 16, 2012 Ohio, The Morning Journal
During a heated meeting about controlling the Avon Lake deer population, the public made it clear to members of the Environmental and Safety committees, they don't want sharpshooters and bow hunters in their neighborhoods... “You say your first priority is safety, but Councilman (David) Kos is the only person here who is concerned about the children,” said Kristi Haude. “Honestly, it’s insulting to parents.” ...

Gun, Bow Hunting Allowed in Avon Lake? November 14, 2012 Ohio,
Draft legislation expected to be discussed at a meeting Thursday, Nov. 15, would allow deer hunting by firearm in 2013-14 ... Avon Lake Police Chief David Owad said he would obey the law, if it were enacted, but noted that safety was imperative...

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