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Broadview Heights residents voted to overrule their City Council and not allow bow hunting November 5, 2010 Ohio

Broadview Heights residents voted to overrule their City Council and not allow bow ...  November 5, 2010  Ohio

Deer votes
Two Northern Ohio suburbs on Nov. 2 rejected 45-55 the killing of deer in their bedroom communities. Broadview Heights residents voted to overrule their City Council and not allow bow hunting. In Ottawa Hills, near Toledo, voters refused to legalize hunting, after town leaders discussed paying sharpshooters $30,000 to kill 50 deer. Susan Deckner, of Broadview Heights, said "the majority would rather have a deer in their back yard than someone with a high-powered lethal weapon."

Deer poachers
In Defense of Animals and Greater Cleveland's Deer Defenders offer a $2,000 reward for information that convicts a poacher in Cuyahoga County. "We have received numerous reports of hunters trespassing on private property, ignoring signs posted against hunting," spokeswoman Ellie Israel said. "Citizens have seen deer wandering through urban areas with arrows lodged in them." The groups advise landowners to keep a camera ready to document trespassing. Report violations by calling the state's Turn In A Poacher hotline, 800-POACHER, then e-mail the information to

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