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Clifton, Citizen committee pushes for humane population control of white-tailed deer November 12, 2014 Ohio

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... Since 2007, Cincinnati Parks has been actively managing herds of white-tailed deer through “lethal removal” ... a group of citizens in Clifton concerned about the safety and efficacy of the current culling practices has convinced the Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners to temporarily halt the practice. They say there’s been a lack of effort to find more humane alternatives to stabilize and reduce the deer population....

Cincinatti, Urban hunting has been happening in Cincinnati Parks for years, but now the effort to trim the deer population is on hold. Police sharpshooters used to help the city control the herds, but that became too costly. Now more than 100 volunteers have been bow hunting in a handful of city parks for the last seven years. When the city set its sights on Clifton parks, though, neighbors said not so fast. - December 2, 2014

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