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Clifton, Cosmetic Surgery in Clifton July 21, 2015 Ohio

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Clifton, Cosmetic Surgery in Clifton July 21, 2015 Ohio
... a motivation for the urban deer sterilization program proposed in Clifton is that "Experts recommend a density between 15 – 20 deer per square mile, which can sustain a healthy deer herd and wildlife habitat." []  You can find an expert recommendation for ecologically acceptable suburban deer densities ranging from 5 to 100 deer per square mile. Examples  The state of Delaware targets 40 deer per square mile in deer habitat, a little higher than the current estimate for Clifton, and a recent U.S. Forest Service study put the optimal deer density at about 15 to 28 per square mile for a forest.  A suburb can support more deer than the typical forest.  While this project may provide answers to questions about the efficacy of deer sterilization in a relatively open environment, wrapping the project up in the flag of ecology is a disservice to legitimate ecological issues related to deer management.  This project is about the social carrying capacity, not the ecologic carrying capacity of the community. This report from the Michigan DNR [PDF] discusses the difference between ecologic and social carrying capacity starting on page 7.

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