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Clifton, Ohio Neighborhood Launches Deer Fertility Control Research Project December 25, 2015

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... the 41 does sterilized during the first year of operations represent about 90 percent of the local adult doe population...  “So many communities around the nation want to know whether it is possible to manage their overabundant deer herds through non-lethal means alone. The research being done in Clifton will help to provide definitive answers.” ...

Clifton, Deer sterilization: When compassion, sport, need and science collide December 26, 2015 Ohio, Cincinnati
... The premise is sterilization only works because female deer tend to remain near a particular area... Of the 41 does sterilized, all but two awoke from the anesthesia. One showed signs of having a previous disease...  Necropsies were ordered on their bodies...The cost the first year of sterilization is roughly $1,000 per deer. though programs like one in Maryland have been able to reduce the cost by more than half over a four-year study by organizing and training volunteers...

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