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Lyndhurst residents call deer thinning tactic 'cruel' and 'barbaric' February 1, 2016 Ohio

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Lyndhurst residents call deer thinning tactic 'cruel' and 'barbaric' February 1, 2016 Ohio, NewsNet 5
... A video was shown during the meeting depicting Trap and Bolt.  We saw people turning away, shielding their eyes, and shaking their heads. Deer are caught in cages then a crew is shown coming to finish the process.  "They attempt to fire a 4-inch metal rod into the deer's brain," ...
... They want the city of Lyndhurst to abandon the trap and kill method of deer population control, and they are sharing a video that demonstrates what they call a very barbaric method of culling deer... Lyndhurst Mayor Patrick Ward says city council approved the use of the traps last year...

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