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Madison Township evaluating controlled hunt August 13, 2011 Ohio

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..."There is no way to measure (success) at the very local level. We only have county-wide data," said Mike Tonkovich, the Ohio Division of Wildlife's deer management project leader....detecting any impact on overall county-wide populations would "invariably lead one to conclude there is no measurable impact."...the Geauga Park District.. Of the 17 park reserves listed by the agency for that hunt session [2006-2007], 35 deer were shot...150 animals during the 2008-2009 11 of the agency's 18 units...[by 2009-2010]...the number of deer shot had fallen to 135 animals even though five more sites were opened to hunting...[in 2010-2011] the number of animals...fell to 110 deer at 15 sites.... The best way these hunting programs can be effectively evaluated is by those most directly affected — the local homeowners and motorists....

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