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Solon: Bowhunting explored to reduce deer population (cost of killing deer $80 to $300) January 5, 2011 Ohio Urban

Bowhunting explored to reduce deerpopulation (cost of killing deer $80 to $300)  January 5, 2011 Ohio   Chagrin Valley Publishing  By SUE REID A three-week pilot program to allow deerhunting through an archery program using crossbows only is under consideration by the City of Solon for ...

Mr. Stanek said archery hunting represents a minimal cost to the city, compared to the culling program. The hunter would spend $80 to harvest a deer, he said, compared to the city spending $200 to $300 as it had in the past. "The cost will be on the hunter, not the city," he said, and any administrative costs can be offset by permits.

"It looks like bowhunting is the preferred method of culling," Councilman William I. Russo said in looking at other communities.

"I would not call it culling, but hunting," Mr. Stanek said. Culling is done by special permit by the State of Ohio, which would comes in and does deer counts, 

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